Beachy Beers

Friday, May 22, 2015 | Fun, Summer


Chances are you’ll be visiting a beach this summer. If you’re set on an oceanside vacation, you can hit two birds with one stone by also taking the chance to visit a brewery you might not be able to visit otherwise. Whether you’ve got a destination in mind or you’re looking for ideas, we’ve got a list that might help you visit both a sunny beach spot and a tasty craft brewery.

Beach Haus Brewery – These guys were named for the beach, and as they’re just over in Belmar, NJ, visiting can make a good weekend retreat.

Nearby Beaches

Belmar Beach: A recently revamped boardwalk, lots of activities like kayaking and boogie boarding, and clean, sandy beaches are all just minutes away from the brewery.

Evolution Brewery: While Salisbury isn’t exactly an oceanside city, the surrounding beauty of Maryland can be a wonderful getaway, and you can reach the ocean in under an hour.

Nearby Beaches

Assateague Island: Wild ponies, crabbing, kayak tours and beauty in all directions are just 40 minutes away from Salisbury.

Ocean City: Lots of awesome shops, games and restaurants line Ocean City’s beach, meaning you’ll have plenty of things to see on your trip.

Sandy Point State Park: This Chesapeake Bay retreat may be a little further away from Salisbury, but it’s certainly worth the drive for hiking, boating, fishing and more.

Kona: If you’re visiting Hawaii, it’s a given you’ll hit up some beaches. But don’t leave the Big Island before you tour the brewery and visit one of their pubs.

Nearby Beaches

Old Kona Airport State Recreation Area: The closest beach to the brewery, this isn’t one that most tourists come to, but it’s great for a relaxing walk or picnic.

Kaloko-Honokōhau: This beautiful beach comes with fascinating history of the native island peoples, which you can learn about on a guided tour.

Manini’owali Beach: Gorgeous white sand, great snorkeling among the rocky outcroppings and all around fantastic swimming all make for a perfect beach experience.

Anchor: San Francisco has such a colorful history, it’s hard to get it all in in one visit, but you won’t want to miss a visit to Anchor’s brewery–or one of their many beautiful beaches.

Nearby Beaches

Baker Beach: A popular beach with a scenic view of the Golden Gate Bridge and the Marin Headlands.

Ocean Beach: This spacious beach spans 3.5 miles and is a great spot for running the dogs or grabbing a bite to eat.

Stinson Beach: It’s a little ways out of San Fran, but its natural beauty, abundance of space and awesome restaurants are worth the trip.

Rogue: Newport is home to four of Rogue’s meeting halls, where you can enjoy a unique menu as well as all the Rogue beer you could want.

South Beach State Park: Equestrian and biking trails, camping, hiking, and fishing should be enough to entice most beach-lovers.

Yaquina Bay State Recreation Site: This lovely park hosts a beautiful lighthouse and stretches of gorgeous sand.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Thursday, June 12, 2014 | Evolution, Finch's, Full Sail, Fun, Summer, Susquhanna, Troegs, Victory


Looking to spice up your gift to dad, or maybe something to complement his hobbies? Try pairing a beer with it to enhance the enjoyment of his favorite activities.

Grilling – So your father’s into cooking in the great outdoors. Give him something hoppy to accompany spicy BBQ and burgers, like Lot 3 IPA from Evolution.

Poolside – Netting debris, testing chlorine balances, finally relaxing with a cool dip after a long day; all of these deserve a refreshing brew. Long Trail’s India Pale Ale goes one better, and gives it to you in a pool-safe can.

Gaming – Does your dad have a designated poker night? Or is he more of a modern gamer, always having to have the latest console? Either way, give him something full-flavored and sessionable to keep his head in the game, such as Session Lager out of Full Sail.

Reading - Your dad’s more bookish, so try giving him something sweet and mellow to accompany a quiet evening with his favorite author. Try Pils Noir from Susquehanna, a beer that’s more of a twist than the end of his latest novel.

Sports – Whether he’s spending the afternoon watching baseball or he’s just finished up a set of tennis, a light and snappy brew fits the bill. We suggest Troegs Sunshine Pils.

Camping/Boating – Tis the season for great outdoor activities, and if you’re father’s looking to take advantage of that, try giving him a well-balanced and flavorful beer to cool off with. Victory’s Summer Love is just right for everything that’s summer.

Susquehanna Brewing So-Wheat

Thursday, May 29, 2014 | New, Summer, Susquhanna


Taken from Bavarian tradition, Susquehanna Brewing Co. has brewed an unfiltered hefeweizen with the signature hazy golden look. Its crisp tangy-sweet-and-spicy flavor and large foamy head make it a perfect summer beverage and a true follower of the style. Susquehanna gets it just right again with superb ingredients like high-quality wheat and special top-fermenting yeast. Something to wash down your second breakfast with.

Victory’s 2014 Find Your Summer Love Sweepstakes

Thursday, May 15, 2014 | Contest, Summer, Victory


Summer Love Ale, a seasonal favorite from Victory, is turning four this year after being commisioned by Visit Philadelphia in 2010 to capture the essence of the City of Brotherly Love. It’s highly anticipated release every year tells of the coming season of poolside parties, camping, baseball and cold goodies. And now, you have the chance to spend our nation’s birthday in the city that inspired this refreshing beverage. Victory is holding the Find Your Summer Love Sweepstakes again, and this time there’s a two-night trip to Philly on the weekend of the Fourth of July up for grabs.

One grand prize winner and a guest will win two nights at Hotel Monaco, round trip airfare if necessary, nightly dinner and more for a prize worth over $1450. 250 runners up will receive a Summer Love and Visit Philadelphia koozie to keep their ales cool as the heat begins to rise.

Click Here to Enter and learn more about the contest.

Lancaster Kolsch

Thursday, May 15, 2014 | Lancaster Brewing, Spring, Summer


Lancaster’s kolsch is a stunning representative of the style, and its contents match its sunny packaging. Bright grass, biscuit and citrus aromas hang around this sunshine golden brew, which give way to flavors of lemon, grain and hops. It’s delightfully carbonated and very light, making for a very refreshing beverage. At 4.8% ABV, it’s light enough in both mouthfeel and alcohol to have a couple.

FDA to Revise Proposal of Regulation of Spent Grain

Thursday, May 1, 2014 | Beer News, Ingredients, Summer, Sustainable


For many years, craft breweries have been selling or donating the spent grain to farmers in their areas for livestock feed, particularly to cattle. This practice is not only helpful to local agriculture, but also reduces the waste produced by the brewing process and creates a sustainable cycle of farmers growing grain for breweries’ uses, and those breweries returning some of those resources to be eaten by livestock. New grain uses manure from the livestock, completing the cycle.

A little over a month ago, the FDA issued a proposal that would more strictly regulate the transaction of spent grain, specifically regarding packaging the by-product. This would require brewers to invest money in expensive equipment and machinery, and spend more time preparing the substance before they would be allowed to sell or donate it to farmers to feed to livestock. Thus, it would be difficult to sell the spent grain as a cheap alternative, considering the overall expenses.

However, the Brewer’s Association, along with U.S. Sen. Chuck Schumer D-N.Y and several members of the farming community spoke out against these proposed regulations, citing tradition and the ecology of the practice, which requires little packaging waste as-is and doesn’t take a great deal of money or energy to accomplish.

Less than a week ago, the FDA came out and said that it was never their intention to disrupt this exchange of goods. They’ve agreed to revise their proposed rules to allow for this sort of commerce without additional regulation, both in the beverage industry, and also in other human food industries. They’ll be issuing revised rules this summer to provide more clarity.

Great Cans of Summer

Wednesday, July 3, 2013 | Summer


So you’ve just gotten out of the pool, padding pruney toes across your deck towards a towel, when you take an unfortunate step and end up with glass in your foot. As we shed our shoes for summertime fun, many find themselves also shedding their loyalty to craft beers in favor of anything that comes in a can. But you don’t need to sacrifice quality for aluminum! We’ve collected a list of delicious craft brews that come in cans, so you can bring them to the beach, BBQ, pool party, picnic or wherever summer may take you without fear.

Finch’s entire line of delicious brews are conveniently offered in cans, so you can choose your favorite from their list of five and run with it–literally.

Kona just released their Longboard Lager in canned form this spring, so it’s time to take advantage of the portability of this beachy lager out on the shore.

Long Trail Ale and Blackbeary Wheat are both light, refreshing choices for any outdoors activity. Just be sure to take your trash with you if you’re on the trails.

For something a little spicy, try Shock Top’s Belgian White. Rather have a summer traditional? Shock Top’s Lemon Shandy is always refreshing and a great addition to all picnics.

Goose Island’s 312 Urban Wheat is a thirst-quenching ale with invigorating citrus and spritzy carbonation. Hot days don’t stand a chance.

Lastly, there’s Uinta Hop Notch, an IPA with piney, grapefruity flavor and light bubbling to have with your BBQ and other spicy dishes. Great for backyard grilling.

We’re sure something on this list will make both your taste buds and your toes happy. So go on, live summer with a can in hand.

Greatest Beers of the World Takes Over Media

Friday, May 31, 2013 | Anchor, Bars, Boxcar, Events, Evolution, Finch's, Goose Island, Ithaca, Kona, Long Trail, Magic Hat, Starr Hill Brewery, Summer, Susquhanna, Troegs, Victory

We’re taking over all of Media next Thursday night, and we hope you’ll join us at one of the 15 locations to enjoy beverages from brewers such as Magic Hat, Goose Island, Finch’s, Boxcar Brewing Co., Ithaca, Victory and more.

Many of your favorite local bars and restaurants are involved, including Azie, Picasso, Campbell’s Boathouse, Towne House and Joclyn’s Bar. The event will last from 6pm-8pm, with contests and prizes given away throughout.

Below are the venues and descriptions of the events at each location.

Azie 219 W State St. (610) 566-4750
Featuring  2013′s hottest new imports – Crabbies Ginger Beer from Scotland and Kronenbourg Blanc from France, paired with special sushi dishes.  Keep the Glass!

Campbell’s Boathouse 1250 N Providence Rd, (610) 566-9140
Join Susquehanna Brewing Company from Pittston PA featuring their special Philly Beer Week Brew – Southern Rye

Diego’s, 214 W State St. (215) 498-7485
Join local favorite Boxcar Brewing from West Chester and have a chance win 2 tickets to their sell out “Ride the Rails” event on June 8th.

Generations, 9 State Road, (610) 565-8212
Dreamweaver Wheat – Perpetual IPA – Sunshine Pils – all from the Great American Beer Festivals Mid Size Brewery of the year – Troegs!  Prizes every 15 minutes.

Joclyn’s Bar 109 W State St. (610) 627-2102
Celebrate Mardi Gras with Magic Hat Brewery while sipping on their greatest beers – #9 – Elder Betty – Blind Faith.  Plenty of fun and prizes.

My Three Sons Hotdogs 300 W State St (610) 716-5310
Aloha!! Join Kona Brewing and get a taste of the Islands with our Hawaiian hotdog and luau themed prizes.

Picasso 36 W State St (610) 566-6808
Meet Mike Finch from Finch’s of Chicago and sample some of the highest rated beers on Beer Advocate and Rate Beer – Secret Stache! Fascist Pig! Threadless IPA!

Pinocchio’s Pizza 131 E Baltimore Pk (610) 566-4895
A tap Takeover from our neighbors in Maryland – Evolution Brewing – hosted by none other than Tom Knorr – Owner and Brewmaster.  Hard to find beers on tap today.

Plumstead Inn 26 W State St (610) 566-2212
The Goose is loose at Plumstead Inn – featuring beers from Goose Island, Chicago and special Vintage Beer samplings and giveaways!

Quotations 37 E State St (610) 627-2515
Eric from Ithaca is bringing their newest Excelsior beer – 15th Anniversary – be the FIRST to try it in our area!

Rose Tree Inn 1243 N Providence (610) 891-1205
Looking for a little Summer Love?  Or Maybe a (Hop) Devil or (Golden) Monkey instead? Join Victory Brewing from Downingtown and win gift cards to visit the Brewery in Downingtown and other great prizes including some hard to find bottles.

Sligo 113 W State St (610) 556-5707
The boys from Long Trail will be here with great beers and great prizes – a winner every 15 minutes.

Stephen’s 105 W State St (610) 891-8900
Starr Hill – enjoy the gift of Great Beer and tonight – the gift of Music!  I-Tunes gift cards will be raffled off every 20 minutes while you sip Northern Lights – Grateful Pale Ale and the Love wheat!

Towne House Restaurant 117 Veterans Sq (610) 566-6141
Try the beer that started it all – Anchor Brewing from San Francisco – credited with starting the craft beer movement and tonight, try their California Lager – coming soon but not yet available on the East Coast – you can be the first!

Breweries Involved:

Starr Hill Grateful Pale Ale

Friday, May 17, 2013 | Starr Hill Brewery, Summer


Starr Hill out of Charlottesville, VA introduced their Grateful Pale Ale at the beginning of May, a session pale ale that’s hoppy, but also refreshing enough for this warm weather. It pours a clean golden color with a thick, white head that smells floral and citrusy. Topaz, Chinook, Cascade and Centennial hops give it a citrusy, piney flavor, but it’s well-balanced and not overwhelming. Its taste is of bitter orange and slightly caramel-y as a balancer. With a light body and 4.7% ABV, it’s a good session alternative to a super-hoppy high-alcohol IPA.

Grateful Pale Ale will be available until the first of August, when it will be replaced by Starr Hill’s fall seasonal, Boxcar Pumpkin Porter.

Stella Artois Introduces New Cider

Friday, May 17, 2013 | New, Stella Artois, Summer


Stella Artois has introduced a new cider in 26 states, with further expansion possible in 2014. The Stella Artois Cidre (pronounced cee-druh) is a crisp, European-style cider, made with apples from wine-growing regions in North and South America and fermented in Baldwinsville, NY. Released on May 13, it’s just in time for warm weather.

The flavor is mostly red apple-y and peachy, with apricot accents and subtle hints of orange. The suggested serving is in a white wine glass with a semi-hard cheese such as manchego.

Ciders are gaining popularity in the U.S., with an 85% increase in sales between 2011 and 2012, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that more breweries are adding ciders to their repertoires.


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