Oscars Party

Thursday, February 12, 2015 | Fuller's, Hoegaarden, Shock Top, Stella Artois, Victory


You still have a little bit to plan your Oscars party, and we’re here to make that a little easier, so you can relax and enjoy the night.

Beverages - You’re going to want to stick with some classy drinks, and what’s classier than craft beer? In place of champagne use Stella Artois or their Cidre in flute glasses. Shock Top Raspberry Wheat can be given a fun twist when garnished with black- and raspberries. Hoegaarden’s Original White Ale with a slice of lemon is sure to impress. As a cocktail choice, offer Crabbie’s Ginger Beer with the ingredients for one or more of these recipes. In honor of The Imitation Game, try offering Fuller’s. And toast the winners with one of the aptly named Victory’s beers, like Storm King or their Helles Lager.

Food – Food for this sort of event can remain fairly simple and fun. Popcorn and classic theatre candies can really amp up the going-to-the-movies feel, and doesn’t demand a sit-down meal. For variety, set out an array of popcorn toppings (garlic powder, powdered cheese, paprika, hot sauce, lime zest and chili seasoning are just a few ideas), and let your guests choose their own. Serve in brown paper bags or mini popcorn buckets. If you want something a little healthier, set out a charcuterie board with meats and cheeses that pair well with your drink choices.

Decorations – Gold and red are your main colors of the evening. It’s easy to class things up with these colors while still keeping things minimal. Gold stars or garlands on the walls and above doorways add some glitz without going overtop. Helium-filled black or white balloons with varying lengths of matte gold ribbons can be set in corners of the room to keep the party feel seamless without being distracting. And of course, a red carpet is a must. For this, you can buy a few yards of red fabric or cut up a plastic red tablecloth, and set it up leading from your door to where you will be watching. Then the smaller details will really pull the whole thing together. For stemmed glasses, tie a red and a gold ribbon around the stem, and use it to attach an Oscar statuette-shaped card cutout for your guest to write their name on. If you have dimmers, use them. If not, keep the overhead lights off and use lamps.

Activities – The main activity, of course, will be watching the Academy Awards, but why not make it fun? Have everyone fill out a ballot with who they believe will win each award, and give a prize (gift card for a nice dinner, six-pack of beer, or a copy of one of the award-winning movies) to the person who gets the most answers correct. For some pre-show entertainment, quiz guests on quotes and facts from previous Oscar-winning movies, actors and directors while they prepare their snacks. Present each person with a right answer with an Oscar Cookie.

Cheers for the Winter Olympics

Thursday, February 6, 2014 | Anheuser Busch, Carlsberg, Crabbie's, Erdinger, Fuller's, Kirin, Leffe


The Sochi Winter Olympics are underway, so it’s time to start thinking about who’s going to win which events. The Olympics are not only about rooting on our own nation’s athlete’s, but also coming together and finding common ground between countries. So why not celebrate other’s wins as well by cracking open a beer with which to toast the gold medalists? We’ve got some suggestions on what to use to toast as each country collects medals.

United States- Budweiser: They are, after all, the official beer sponsor of the U.S. team.

Germany – Erdinger: This exclusively wheat beer brewery offers a taste of its country of origin in every mouthful.

Belgium – Leffe: You’ve got nine great choices to choose from here, so you can’t go wrong.

Denmark – Carlsberg: Started in 1847, this brewery makes a pale lager that’s as refreshing as it is standard.

England – Fullers: Fuller’s is a staple in England, and for good reason. London Pride, ESB and their London Porter are all good choices.

Japan – Kirin: Another old brewery out of Tokyo, they’ve got a pale ale that is ‘number one!’

Ireland – O’Hara’s: An Irish classic, with a stout, Irish red and more than a handful of other great brews.

Here’s to safe and well-played games!

Fuller’s Black Cab Stout

Thursday, January 17, 2013 | Breweries, Fuller's


Black Cab is a new stout from Fuller’s. It is a 4.2% ABV dry stout named after the iconic black taxis of London.

At first appearance, you will notice the beer pours nearly jet black with a tan head. There’s a deep aroma of roasted malts along with coffee and chocolate. The flavor starts out with nice roasty characteristics with slight notes of red berry and earthy hops. And it definitely leaves an overall creamy mouthful. The finish has a touch of bitterness but overall is quite clean.

The full-bodied nature of this stout is certainly fitting for those already having a taste for stouts and porters. And by the time you’re finished with your first bottle of Fuller’s Black Cab Stout, you’ll forget about all the other less impressive stouts you’ve probably had in front of you.

Winter Warmers

Thursday, January 10, 2013 | Anchor, Fuller's, Goose Island, Moa, Victory


Well, it may be a warm week in the Philadelphia region but it’s still winter and a good time for a soul-warming brew. Winter Warmers is a common seasonal variety of beer that tends to be malty and sweet, but most importantly on the higher scale of ABV. Many English varieties contain little additional spicing, but many brewers kick up the spice making it fall under the wassail category of beer. And if drinking many of the local craft varieties, you will of course find a defined characteristic of hops in most.

So, to celebrate the warm winter week, here’s a selection of winter warmers that will be sure to please:

  • Victory V-12 – The heftiest beer of our list, the V-12 ranges over 12% ABV (hence the name). Filled with fruity flavors, including notes of pear and apricot, the beer finishes with a wonderful dryness.
  • Goose Island Pere Jacques – If Belgian styles are what you go for, the Pere Jacques is an amazing selection which follows the tradition of a Dubbel. The beer is wonderfully fruity and malty with a nice bite at 8% ABV. This beer is great with dinners and also makes a fine selection for dessert pairings.
  • Fuller’s Vintage Ale – Considered throughout the world as one of the best beers brewed, the annual release from Fuller’s is a small batch beer with robust malt characteristics weighing in at 8.5% ABV.
  • Moa Imperial Stout – If you want something a bit more robust and dark, look no further. This rare selection from New Zealand is a high ABV rich and dark beer with characteristics of mocha and coffee. It is finished in an oak Pinot Noir barrel which gives it some subtle sweetness to offset the richness of the malts.
  • Anchor Old Foghorn – This immense barleywine is big, malty, and sweet! After brewing, the beer is dry-hopped and cellared so that it can achieve a perfect balance. The end result is a perfect dessert beer with awesome notes of hops and fruitiness.

6 Great Beers for Thanksgiving

Thursday, November 15, 2012 | Breweries, Fuller's, Goose Island, Long Trail, Rogue, Widmer


For a large family meal like Thanksgiving, it’s always nice to share a bottle of wine with the table. Wait a second, that doesn’t sound right. Let’s try that again. For a large family meal like Thanksgiving, it’s always nice to share a nice big fantastic bottle of BEER with the table. And for the holiday, here are some excellent recommendations to accompany your Thanksgiving feast that come in large bottles for the table to share.

1)      Widmer Brothers Barrel Aged Brrrbon – This high ABV Bourbon infused monster of a beer is best saved for dessert. The beer ranges in flavor from notes of vanilla to caramel and toffee.

2)      Widmer Old Embalmer Barleywine – Surely another dessert beer, this strong barleywine is quite spicy with notes of pine and butterscotch.

3)      Rogue Juniper – Definitely for the turkey dinner, the spicy, yet smooth, pale ale is sessionable but leaves you with a dry finish.

4)      Long Trail Brewmaster Series Imperial Porter – Another great dessert pairing, the Imperial Porter is dark yet reasonably balanced due to its complex flavor but clean finish. The beer has flavors of dark fruit, roast malts, and chocolate, and finishes with slight bitterness.

5)      Goose Island Matilda – It may be stronger than the average dinner pairing at 7%, but this Belgian style pale ale has wonderful fruity and spicy characteristics which will complement the candied yams and cranberry sauce and nicely contrast the savory turkey.

6)      Fuller’s Vintage Ale – The 16th edition of this annual release for the holidays makes a wonderful gift for your host. Each bottle is box-packaged and individually numbered. It’s great today or can be aged for holidays to come.

Fuller’s Vintage Ale 2012 Just Released

Monday, October 1, 2012 | Fuller's


London brewer Fuller’s has released its latest version of the Vintage Ale range, a limited-edition brew made with the choicest ingredients from this year. The 16th Vintage Ale, for the second year running, uses organic Barley grown on Sir James Fuller’s Neston Park Estate in Wiltshire, which has been specially floor malted by Warminster Malt for Fuller’s.

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