For most with a gluten allergy, the pursuit of a “good” gluten-free beer has left people completely disappointed and seeking new satisfaction from cider or even wine. But what if there was a gluten-free beer that could gleam some new hope in the style? Well, Brunehaut Amber is the pick.

Off the bat, the beer won a gold medal at the 2011 US Open Beer Championships which gives it some credibility. Secondly, it is produced in Belgium by the Brasserie de Brunehaut, a highly respected brewer which dates back to medieval times.

And without a doubt, this beer is superior to others on the market. The beer doesn’t have those funky tasting notes of sorghum or grass and seems to remain beer-like with heavy notes of the beer’s yeast throughout. According to Brunehaut, flavor is maintained because it is in fact produced with barley malt. Then, through their proprietary process, gluten is removed down to a 5 parts per million level which is significantly under the FDA’s requirement of 20 parts per million in order to be labeled “gluten-free.”