Uinta Contrail White

Thursday, August 13, 2015 | Featured Beer, Uinta


This Belgium-style witbier is brewed with coriander and orange peel for a deliciously spicy, citrus flavor. Along with the orangey flavor are notes of other fruits like banana and lemon, and a hint of herbal hoppiness adds to the overall spice. It’s light in body, making for a great late-summer beer. 4% ABV

Joe Paterno Legacy Series from Duquesne Beer

Thursday, August 13, 2015 | Beer News


The folks at Duquesne Beer are honoring the memory of coach Joe Paterno for his service on and off the field in education, sports and philanthropy with an ultra-drinkable Vienna-style lager. The can will be adorned with images of Paterno himself, and list his coaching achievements on the other side. Inside is a smooth, red lager with a caramel flavor and only the slightest hops. A portion of the proceeds will go to fund a philanthropic endeavor of the Paterno family’s choosing. 2,800 barrels were sold through pre-sales alone, so the response is sure to be great. It will be available in 12- and 24-packs of 12oz cans and is due for release on September 1st.

Nippers Bar & Pizza

Thursday, August 13, 2015 | Bars


Whether you’re in the mood for a brick oven pizza, a mouthwatering variety of seafood, or just a great beer, Nippers has got you covered. Their menu ranges from sliders to po boys to their ever-changing specials. On top of that, they’ve got awesome drink specials every day of the week, and karaoke on Thursdays and Sundays. And coming up on the 30th of August, they’ll be hosting a seafood feast including all-you-can-eat Alaskan king crab, snow crab, shrimp, clams, crab mac-n-cheese, and corn on the cob. Call ahead for reservations.

Nippers Bar & Pizza
2453 W Main St, Norristown, PA
(610) 630-7818

North Penn Beverage

Thursday, July 30, 2015 | Retailers


North Penn Beverage has been in business since 1948, so it stands to reason they know a thing or two about beer. Their 14,000 square foot space is packed full of beer from all over the world, along with your favorite local and regional crafts such as Prism, Victory, Susquehanna, Evolution and Fordham and Dominion. They’ve even got 1/6 kegs of beers such as Anchor Steam, Goose Island IPA and Troegs Sunshine Pils. As if the huge selection weren’t enough reason to stop by, they’ve got free tastings and they’re dedicated to your satisfaction. If you’ve got a beer need, these are your guys.

North Penn Beverage
39 Washington Ave
Souderton, PA

New Belgium Coming to PA

Thursday, July 30, 2015 | Beer News, New Belgium


New Belgium Brewing Company is excited to launch our beers across the great state of Pennsylvania August 31st. We will be cruising into the Keystone State with our flagship Fat Tire Amber Ale along with our Ranger IPA, Snapshot Tart Wheat, Slow Ride Session IPA & our seasonal lineup starting with Pumpkick. Be the first to hear about all our launch activity by joining our Grand Cru Crew at Cheers!

Sample Crabbie’s This Weekend

Thursday, July 30, 2015 | Crabbie's, Events, Imported


If you haven’t gotten the chance to take a taste of Crabbie’s Ginger Beer, we’ve got a few events you won’t want to miss.

All Chickie’s and Pete’s locations will be providing complimentary samplings of many of Crabbie’s flavors from 6-8pm Friday night, and delicious Crabbie’s cocktails will be available.

On Saturday from 2-4pm, Weis Markets in Conshohocken, Norristown, Doylestown and Huntingdon Valley will have three Crabbie’s flavors to choose from. Original Ginger Beer, Spiced Orange and Cloudy Lemonade. You’ll also received a Crabbie’s gift when you attend.

There was never a better time to try this excellent ginger beer, and who knows; maybe you’ll find the drink you’ll keep stocked for the rest of the summer.

Magic Hat Stealin’ Time

Thursday, July 30, 2015 | Featured Beer


With the weather hovering in the 90s, chances are you’re looking for something cold to refresh yourselves with after a long, hot day. Magic Hat has the perfect brew for you. Stealin’ Time has a fruity flavor, consisting of hints of lemon, pear and apple, with a great ginger zing to wrap it all together. A mild hoppiness balances the flavor, and moderate carbonation keeps things stimulating. Pour yourself a glass and garnish with a slice of fresh lemon, and you’ve got yourself a great porch-sitting drink. 5.5% ABV

Brewing for Independence

Thursday, July 2, 2015 | Anchor, Anheuser Busch, Rogue, Troegs, Victory, Widmer


With the 4th of July being this Saturday, you’ve likely made plans, either for your own party or to attend another’s. Whether you’re holding your own event or going to a friend’s/family’s, you can’t forget what goes best with BBQ and patriotism; a cold, refreshing beverage. Let’s go through a list of the best options to put in your cooler.

Anchor Liberty Ale – This effervescent IPA is crisp, piney and balanced perfectly with a firm backbone of sweet malts. It was first brewed as a celebration of the Bicentennial of Paul Revere’s famous ride to Lexington and Concord.

Rogue American Amber – Caramel and roasted malt character is accentuated by assertive hops in this American Amber Ale. Quite drinkable, a great craft brew for the uninitiated and craft fiends alike. As another plus, it’s available in cans for ease of cleanup and safe outdoor parties.

Victory Summer Love – This American Blonde Ale just screams summer with its bright, floral hops and bit of honey malts. It pairs well with pretty much any sort of grilled dish you can think of, but stands well enough on its own. So good there won’t be any leftovers. Now available in cans for the first time.

Budweiser – It’s a classic choice for the Fourth, and particularly in their beautiful Statue of Liberty emblazoned cans. Fill up a cooler (or two) with this and you’ll be sure to make a great party.

If you want to put a twist on the usual, there are some unique ways to incorporate beer into the festivities. Chances are when you were a kid, your drink of choice for the 4th was lemonade. Why not harken back to the good old days with a more adult version. Check out this list of shandies, including a few recipes to make on your own.

Another unique way to incorporate beer would be to add it to your cooking. Here’s a recipe for beer can chicken, with the suggestion of either Victory’s Prima Pils or Troeg’s Sunshine Pilsner. Or if you’re looking for an all-purpose marinade or mop, try this recipe and use either Troegenator or Widmer Bros’ Drop Top Amber Ale.

Magic Hat Electric Peel

Thursday, July 2, 2015 | Featured Beer, Magic Hat


This brew may be your new summer favorite. With a perfectly zippy blend of grapefruit and citrusy hops, creating a delightful bitterness that is both quenching and will put a spark on your tongue. Its flavor is held on a light body and comes to a crisp, clean finish that certainly is aided by that bitter bite. Definitely a beer to keep stocked for those hot summer afternoons. 6% ABV

Fresh Fruit Pairing

Thursday, July 2, 2015 | Anheuser Busch, Ithaca, Lancaster Brewing, Widmer


As beer drinkers become more familiar with the pairing options that their beverage of choice affords them, they’ve explored all sorts of the world’s entrees, cheeses, and even desserts. One food group is often used in the art of brewing, but not so often spoken of as a food to pair with beer. Fruit offers a healthy, delicious partner to many brews, and beer can often complement the sweet, tangy, bitter and juicy flavors associated with fruit, either as a beverage on the side or as a part of the dish. Here’s some fruity beers that are easy to pair with.

Ithaca Apricot Wheat

Pair With: Peach, nectarine, apricot, plum

Serving Suggestion: Try making popsicles with peach or nectarine chunks frozen inside this beer.

Lancaster Strawberry Wheat

Pair With: Strawberry, blueberry, raspberry, blackberry

Serving Suggestion: Serve alongside berry pies, tarts or cobblers, or add just a splash to put a little punch into a fruit pie.

Widmer Lemon Shandy

Pair With: Peach, orange, lemon, grapefruit, strawberry

Serving Suggestion: Throw in some fruit to rest at the bottom to add flavor, as well as a tasty snack at the end of the glass.

Wild Blue

Pair With: Blueberry, strawberry

Serving Suggestion: This very-blueberry flavored beer would go well with fresh fruit-topped ice cream, or a pie topped with either whipped or ice cream.

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