Well, it may be a warm week in the Philadelphia region but it’s still winter and a good time for a soul-warming brew. Winter Warmers is a common seasonal variety of beer that tends to be malty and sweet, but most importantly on the higher scale of ABV. Many English varieties contain little additional spicing, but many brewers kick up the spice making it fall under the wassail category of beer. And if drinking many of the local craft varieties, you will of course find a defined characteristic of hops in most.

So, to celebrate the warm winter week, here’s a selection of winter warmers that will be sure to please:

  • Victory V-12 – The heftiest beer of our list, the V-12 ranges over 12% ABV (hence the name). Filled with fruity flavors, including notes of pear and apricot, the beer finishes with a wonderful dryness.
  • Goose Island Pere Jacques – If Belgian styles are what you go for, the Pere Jacques is an amazing selection which follows the tradition of a Dubbel. The beer is wonderfully fruity and malty with a nice bite at 8% ABV. This beer is great with dinners and also makes a fine selection for dessert pairings.
  • Fuller’s Vintage Ale – Considered throughout the world as one of the best beers brewed, the annual release from Fuller’s is a small batch beer with robust malt characteristics weighing in at 8.5% ABV.
  • Moa Imperial Stout – If you want something a bit more robust and dark, look no further. This rare selection from New Zealand is a high ABV rich and dark beer with characteristics of mocha and coffee. It is finished in an oak Pinot Noir barrel which gives it some subtle sweetness to offset the richness of the malts.
  • Anchor Old Foghorn – This immense barleywine is big, malty, and sweet! After brewing, the beer is dry-hopped and cellared so that it can achieve a perfect balance. The end result is a perfect dessert beer with awesome notes of hops and fruitiness.