Five months ago, we announced our plans to expand Victory Brewing Company in order to quench your thirst for more Victory. Since then, our staff (along with an all-Chester County expansion team that includes Constructure Management, Knauer Construction, Bernardon Haber Holloway Architects, Chester Valley Engineers, MacIntosh Engineering and Pinnacle Engineering) has been tirelessly working to build our second home. If all goes according to plan (as it should with such an official-sounding team as we just listed in the above parenthetical), we expect to brew our first batch of beer in the new brewery in June of 2013. In the meantime, we’ve got a lot of work to do!

The new brewery will feature a brewhouse capable of producing ten, 200-barrel brews per day, a 50,000 square-foot distribution center with increased efficiency and safety features and 1,000-barrel fermentation tanks. Plans for the new site also include a mezzanine-level catwalk which will allow us to safely offer tours again! And, once the beer is flowing out of the Parkesburg brewery, we’ll be able to work on the longer-term plans that include a brewpub and retail center.

What’s this mecca of beer going to look like? Here’s a peek at the architectural drawings of the future facade of Victory Brewing Company:

With ten months to go, we’ll have many more updates to share along the way. Stay tuned as we continue our Parkesburg progress by checking the expansion section of our website.