Here is the skinny on Goose Island’s newest Fulton and Wood Series beer, Gran Gås.

Gran Gås is a new recipe inspired by a trip to Europe. It was there that John J. first discovered the lingonberry, a tart cousin of the cranberry that originally calls the Scandinavian region home. Inspired by this discovery, the brewers decided to further pay homage to the region that brought them this berry by introducing another Scandinavian staple, the hearty spruce tree.

Gran Gas, literally translated ‘spruce goose’ in Swedish, was brewed with two-hundred-and-twenty pounds of hand-picked Spruce tips from Colorado, giving the beer a strong piney aroma with a hint of melon. The herbal character of the fresh spruce tips are complemented by the addition of a spicy Belgian yeast. A secondary fermentation with the lingonberries gives the beer a beautiful reddish-honey color that finishes tart and slightly sweet. With influences and ingredients from all over the globe, Gran Gas is truly an international drinking experience.